Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Etsy Purchase...... Love it!

I just realized this week that I go on and on about the goodness of Etsy and how wonderful it is and how much I want people to buy my illustrations and have them hanging on their walls at home, and do you know what? What? I hear you say..... I have never bought anything on Etsy yet from another seller - yes, you heard me right, NEVER!!!! How shameful is that?

Well I am happy to announce that that has now been rectified and I am soooo excited, I have just bought these........

Pic courtesy of Rhinestone n Rust Vintage

I hope you can see them as the pic is a bit small (I will post a bigger pic when they arrive). They are a set of three Silhouette wooden plaques and are just fabulous. They are being shipped to me today from the States so I should have them in the next week - I can't wait - I have a position for them already in the house!

They are from Rhinestone n Rust Vintage. Thanks Pam.

OM x

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