Saturday, 30 January 2010

Busy busy in the Olive Mac studio

I love it when I am busy, and I have been this week. I have been trying to kick start the year with a few more illustrations and they have been added to my Etsy shop tonight.

I have come down with a stinky cold today so have had a lovely evening curled up on the sofa, cuddling my children - just bliss!

OM xx

New Colour Schemes.........

Two new colour versions of my "Girl" print......

I plan to put all three of these prints together in my hall. Framing them will be my project of the day!

Have a great day.

OM xx

Friday, 29 January 2010

First new illustrations of 2010

Well, it has taken me almost a month to post the first new Olive Mac illustrations of 2010.

I have set myself a few goals for 2010. 2009 was a pretty rubbish year for my family so I am more than determined that 2010 will be a fantastic year! Some of my goals are:-

1. Not to drink any alcohol during the month of January - detox
2. Eat more healthily - less chocolate!
3. Do do at least one new drawing for Olive Mac a week
4. Not to buy myself any new clothes - only to buy vintage/second hand
5. Be more creative in everything that I do
6. Spend only quality time on my laptop
7. Have lots of fun with my children!!!
8. Be more organised

These are just some of my New Year's resolutions and I am actually managing to stick to them so far! Amazing, I know....

I am loving the challenge of only buying vintage/second hand clothes for myself. I am having such great fun bidding for things on ebay and searching etsy for some lovely finds.......

OM xx

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Don't speak too soon....

Well didn't I just say in my last post that I am totally getting used to driving in these snowy conditions!! Well I am taking that right back!

Yesterday, I got STUCK...... Yes, totally stuck on a back country road on my way to pick up my son and three of his friends from a party at a zoo. It did add a bit of excitement to the afternoon.

As I was way in the back of beyond (and the snow was a bit crazy) instead of being dug out using one of these.........

i was dug out using one of these.........

I had contacted the party so the kids had an extra 40 minutes of play, but to be honest I think that they would have had the best fun watching my car being towed by the tractor - I know I did!!

OM xx

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Welcoming 2010!

Welcome 2010, I have been waiting for you to come around for a few months now. 2009 was a particularly challenging year for myself and my family so we have entered 2010 with a very positive, upbeat attitude. This is going to be a great year!

So far this year has been fun - we have had snow here in Edinburgh for almost a month now (we have never had snow that has lasted so long in my lifetime). Out kids have just LOVED it - sledging, snowman making and snowball fights a go-go.....

We are set to still have snow for at least another week, and to be honest I am getting quite used to it. Used to walking on compact slippy snow, used to driving on ice-y roads and am very much enjoying how beautiful everything looks covered in snow.

I am also happy to find myself in a teasury just now......

Many thanks to Rose Lullaby Dolls for putting my little round boy into her lovely treasury. She makes really truly lovely dolls!

Happy New Year to you all.

OM xx