Thursday, 25 February 2010

My Creative Space.........

I am playing along with Kootoyou with her running series of "My Creative Space".

Today this is mine..........

I am pulling together lots of packs of 5 cards to go into my shop but am waiting for a brighter day to do the proper photography. This week has been really dull. Yesterday it was snowing, then it turned to sleet - and today, it is raining!

If I keep singing happy spring songs, do you think it will make it happen?!

Have a great day lovely crafty people.

OM xx

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

It's all FREE!!

I changed all of my items in my Oive Mac etsy shop to postage FREE!

That's right, no matter where in the world you live all items won't cost you a penny/cent/euro etc etc for postage.

I am also listing packs of 5 greeting cards.......

all postage free - did I say that already? :-)

Hope you are having a lovely day - it's snowing here in Scotland again.....brrrr......

OM xx

Monday, 22 February 2010

This weekend......

....... was mostly spent:-

walking by the river
taking photos of our shadows
finding faces in trees
and just watching the world go by.....

Friday, 19 February 2010

Quality time......

It is not often these days that I get some quality one-to-one time with my six year old son. But, somehow we managed to grab some......

Firstly we ate some eggs (laid same day).

Then we crushed the eggshells.

Then we added paint and PVA glue to the crushed eggshells.

Then we painted with said gluey paint and added a couple of more colours (minus the eggshells).

And finally ended up with an absract beach scene.

acrylic on canvas

But most of all we had lots of fun, and a good giggle doing it. Thank you gorgeous boy!

OM xx

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Something new from something old......

I was given a bolt of vintage (1950) grey wool fabric, uncut on the roll, a few months back and to be honest I have been a bit scared to put my scissors through it. The fabric sat wrapped in brown paper in someone's attic for almost 60 years! I did make a courier bag to use to take my art materials to my art night school, but the rest of it has been sitting in my material store, looking pretty and lonely!

I have been looking at various snood-type scarves in the shops for a while but have been put off buying them because of their simplicity and my attitude of "I can make that!". Well today I took it apon myself to put my words into action......

I thought it was only appropriate to use my vintage Singer sewing machine to make it - here is the lovely fabric........

and here are my scissors nervously cutting through it....... yikes!

I basically cut a very long length of fabric, folded it in half lengthways and sewed up the open seam. I then turned the fabric the right way out and sewed up the ends.....

Then wrapped it round my neck three times, and here it is........

I know that this will now be my new favorite accessory!

OM xx

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Valentine's and cute vintage purses......

Happy Valentine's Day to all.

To me Valentine's day shouldn't just be a day to celebrate your love for your spouse or partner, it should be to celebrate your love for your family and friends too! We are just about to sit down to a wonderful family Valentine's breakfast which is being made by my husband as I type. Yumm!!

I also want to take time to show a couple of vintage purses which I bought on eBay on Friday, and they arrived yesterday (Saturday)! How speedy was that - I was just delighted to open up the package to see all of the vintage loveliness.....

and this one is a vintage sewing kit and manicure kit in one - how cool is that?

Wishing you all a lovely Valentine's day - our plan is a refreshing walk/play with the kids on the beach followed by a yummy Sunday roast - mmmmmm, can't wait......

OM xx

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Living a Handmade Life......

has featured me on her lovely blog.....

Check out her blog here. It is a lovely read - full of eye candy!

OM xx

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

In her own style.......

My children just LOVE drawing. Whilst having a bit of a drawing session the other day my daughter produced this........

Doesn't it resemble this? ..................

That just tickled me - she is only 5!

OM xx

Friday, 5 February 2010

I am smiling.....

..... because one of my wee illustrations made it to the front page of Etsy :-)

I am just tickled and totally delighted!!

OM xx

Thursday, 4 February 2010

sewing birds and 3 lovely girlies.....

I did this at the end of last year, but I forgot to blog about this wonderful tutorial I found on Clutterpunk's blog. It is a step by step on how to free machine sew a bird. I just love it! Now, please remember that I have never free sketched with my sewing machine before, but I think that you will agree with me that it did turn out to actually look like a bird! - amazing!

Now, I know that it is not brilliant but as a first attempt, I am very happy with it.

Click here for the link to Clutterpunk's tutorial to see how the expert does it - it is just excellent, and her blog is a truly lovely read!

I also managed to frame the three different versions of my "girl" print.

Hope that your day is bright!!

OM xx

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Some lovely reading for an evening with no plans...

I am so desperate to get back onto my sewing machine - I haven't touched it this year at all! I feel that I have lost my sewing confidence a bit so need to find the right project to get back in the swing of it. I am now about to relax in my "comfy's" with a cup of tea and thumb through these lovely reads.... Bliss!

OM xx