Friday, 29 January 2010

First new illustrations of 2010

Well, it has taken me almost a month to post the first new Olive Mac illustrations of 2010.

I have set myself a few goals for 2010. 2009 was a pretty rubbish year for my family so I am more than determined that 2010 will be a fantastic year! Some of my goals are:-

1. Not to drink any alcohol during the month of January - detox
2. Eat more healthily - less chocolate!
3. Do do at least one new drawing for Olive Mac a week
4. Not to buy myself any new clothes - only to buy vintage/second hand
5. Be more creative in everything that I do
6. Spend only quality time on my laptop
7. Have lots of fun with my children!!!
8. Be more organised

These are just some of my New Year's resolutions and I am actually managing to stick to them so far! Amazing, I know....

I am loving the challenge of only buying vintage/second hand clothes for myself. I am having such great fun bidding for things on ebay and searching etsy for some lovely finds.......

OM xx

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