Thursday, 25 February 2010

My Creative Space.........

I am playing along with Kootoyou with her running series of "My Creative Space".

Today this is mine..........

I am pulling together lots of packs of 5 cards to go into my shop but am waiting for a brighter day to do the proper photography. This week has been really dull. Yesterday it was snowing, then it turned to sleet - and today, it is raining!

If I keep singing happy spring songs, do you think it will make it happen?!

Have a great day lovely crafty people.

OM xx


  1. Your cards look fantastic lined up like that! I love your designs, I'll have to have a look in your shop sometime. I've had a look through your blog and I also loved the sand painting you did with your son, what a great & fun idea xo

  2. Your cards are gorgeous! I find that dark time of the year when it is difficult to get good photograph very difficult. I think singing happy songs is worth a try for sure.

  3. It's great how my creative space can take me to new blogs, and i'm glad to have founds yours. Your work is so cute and i love the name of your shop.

  4. How adorable is your girl with a heart! Too sweet!

    Can't wait to see the sunshine photos! Keep singing those happy tunes you never know what the new day will bring.

    Thanks for sharing your creative space!

  5. Beautiful cards. Shame about the weather, but good idea to keep singing!! Nic

  6. I also hope that the weather grows warm soon!

    Your cards look great, and I also love the way they're lined up so nicely. I can't say that would have lasted long on my work table, one small move and they'd have fallen like dominoes!

  7. What beautiful designs, you are very talented :-)

  8. these are so sweet ... your illustrations are amazing.